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Levmor is primarily a residential equity lender.

Most of our loan applications are provided to us by outside brokers and as such we endeavor to provide the highest levels of service to those brokers who are looking for private mortgage funding...


In order to consider any loan application we would require:

Loan application from proposed borrower which includes their employment history, current salary,time at current employment, mortgage information,taxes and other debts ...


Will typically lend up to 75% or 80% of the current appraised value of the property. We also consider second mortgages as well as first mortgages.

We prefer the property to be in an urban setting with a population base of at least 20,000 people...


Levmor charges interest rates which are highly competitive within the private lending industry. Depending on the strength of the application our first mortage rates will range from 7.75% up to 12%.

Lenders fees are also charged and established ...


Levmor Mortgage Corporation: Putting the power of leverage to work for you.